86 Champs Eau de Parfum

L’OCCITANE and Pierre Hermé wanted everyone to find their perfect scent – so it made perfect sense to create a collection of six Eaux de Parfum with different characters. There’s the intoxicating sparkle of Blackcurrant Rhubarb, the zesty warmth of Flower & Passion, the captivating elegance of Rose Saffron… Each Eau de Parfum gradually reveals all its splendour as its scent envelops the skin of its wearer.

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What is the 86 Champs Inspiration?

Inspired by the infinite richness of nature, L’OCCITANE and Pierre Hermé share a passion for creativity. While L’OCCITANE composes interpretations of the countless scents of Provence, Pierre Hermé, a true artisan of flavour, invents unique pleasures for the palate.