Hydration situation - what’s the deal?

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Ok, by now everyone knows hydration is important for beautiful skin… Right? But what’s it really doing for you? Think of moisture as a very thin layer of cellophane that protects the layers of skin cells underneath from the elements, keeping your skin looking fresher for longer. If this layer of moisture doesn’t exist, your skin is more likely to crack under pressure - from wind, sun, heat, cold - which leads to premature wrinkles and overall discomfort. Hydration is important for people of all ages and skin types, but starting young can help give your skin better defenses against the visible signs of aging.

The Case for Calcium

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When skin is dehydrated - meaning it lacks water - it starts to feel uncomfortable… It gets sensitive, sometimes flaky and loses its natural glow. One of the ways to prevent this unpleasant experience is to maintain a healthy mineral composition. Your skin can’t produce minerals on its own, so you need to bring those minerals in yourself.

Here's where Calcium Comes In

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Calcium plays a crucial role in the skin barrier - the outermost layer of your skin that prevents moisture from getting out in the first place. Calcium can slow down the loss of water, while strengthening and smoothing your skin. We’ve tapped into this powerful mineral to bring you the Aqua Reotier line… It takes calcium-packed waters from the Reotier spring in Provence and gets them to work for your skin. The 3-in-1 hydration system combines glycerin to add moisture, hyaluronic acid to bind it, and calcium to retain moisture for longer.

1 - Tips for Quenching Thirsty Skin

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The first step to proper hydration is working with a clean canvas. Removing impurities like dirt, oils and makeup will prepare your skin to soak up all that delicious moisture. Try our Water Gel Cleanser for a burst of freshness to get your beauty regime started.
BONUS TIP: For more effective moisturizing, prep skin with our Moisture Prep Essence - it’ll leave your skin feeling plump and refreshed.

2- Tips for Quenching Thirsty Skin

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Every skin type has its own personal moisturizing needs. A common misconception is that oily/combination skin types don’t need to moisturize, because their skin produces plenty of natural oils. But a light oil-free moisturizer can actually help your oily skin produce less sebum! Try our refreshing Ultra Thirst Quenching Gel for a unique moisturizing experience.

3 - Tips for Quenching Thirsty Skin

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Dry skin needs a bit more love on the hydration front, so a richer cream is recommended and can also be paired with an oil for maximum moisture. Our Shea Light Comforting Face Cream offers more nutrition without weighing down your skin.

4 - Tips for Quenching Thirsty Skin

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It cannot be overstated how important it is to protect your skin from the sun! Harmful UV rays are the fastest way to get skin cancer, not to mention they speed up the onset of those pesky signs of aging. Do your skin a solid and wear a day cream with SPF every time you step out - even if it’s cloudy.

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