L’OCCITANE sets sail for a cleaner world

We embarks on a unique, extraordinary human adventure with Plastic Odyssey, to transform plastic waste into a new resource.

Protecting the environment is a key value for L'OCCITANE

Ever since L'OCCITANE was created in 1976, we are committed to making the world we live in more beautiful, more humain, more responsible. We do this through our products, our stores and through the skilled producers and employees who share our vision. Our commitments, Respecting Biodiversity, Supporting Producers, Reducing Waste, Empowering Women and Caring for Sight align with this new adventure - it has leads us to its partnership with Plastic Odyssey.

With 1kg of plastic we can produce up to 1L of fuel

  • Every minute, 19 tons of plastic end up in the ocean.
  • Once at sea, it’s too late. Less than 0,01% of the plastic waste float and can be collected.
  • 61% of the plastic debris found on the beaches around the world are single-use - that's why we are promoting our recycling packaging and eco-refills products at L'Occitane. 

L'OCCITANE is keen to play a key role in the fight against plastic waste, which is why we are giving our support to this first around-the-world boat expedition, which will focus on the pollution of ouroceans at itssource: the land.
"We are facing an environmental crisis, and companies need to do more than reduce their impact on the planet. They have a responsibility and a duty to find real, concrete solutions in order to generate value for our ecosystem. As the main sponsor of Plastic Odyssey, L’OCCITANE en Provence is supporting a project focused on transforming plastic waste into a resource and thus helping to develop a new economy.
We're proud to be the main partner, for a duration of five years, and to be part of this incredible human adventure for the good of mankind."

Adrien GEIGER, L’Occitane en Provence Global Brand Director

And this is why we are embarking on a unique human adventure across the world with Plastic Odyssey.